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    Gyanecology & Laparoscopic Surgery

    Gynecologic surgery is surgery on any part of a woman's reproductive system, including the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Open surgery often requires a large incision.

    Laparoscopic gynecological surgery is a minimally invasive approach that allows the surgeon to operate without making a large incision. A thin, lighted tube with a camera on the end, known as a laparoscope, is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision. This latest and hi-tech form of surgery offers many advantages to the patient namely: –

    • Minimal pain
    • Minimal blood loss
    • Early return to work (1-2 Days)
    • No need for blood transfusion
    • Less chances of infections

    Laparoscopy is a far superior surgery compared to open surgery as the disease inside the body is seen more clearly and hence can be removed completely as everything is magnified 20 times by the laparoscope & also the powerful Xeon light source highlights the area to be operated

    Some of the laparoscopic procedures include :

    • Treatment of Laparoscopic Myomectomy
    • Treatment of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
    • Treatment of Stem Cell
    • Treatment Of Uterine Fibroid
    • Treatment of Adenomyosis
    • Treatment of Endometriosis
    • Treatment Of Cervical Cancer
    • Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer
    • Treatment of Postmenopausal Bleeding
    • Treatment Of Ovarian drilling
    • Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopy fertility Enhancing Surgeries
    • Treatment of Diagnostic laparoscopy