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    Udvartana is an invigorating full body massage done in a rhythmic motion using herbal powder or paste. ... This massage also improves muscle tone and circulation apart from cleansing and nourishing the skin. Udvartana is highly recommended for dissolving excessive fat from the body.
    Massage is done in an upward direction i.e. from below upwards (opposite to thetraditional or conventional massage as done in Abhyanga in which strokes are given from above downwards). Massage is done in a direction opposite to that of the body hairs (which point downwards) i.e. Pratiloma gati. This means to tell that when Udwarthana is done, we are massaging in such a way that we are elevating the hairsf rom a ‘downward pointing direction’ and push them so as to change their direction and point upwards (the hairs come back to their normal position after the procedure is completed).

    Steps involved on Udvartana:

    Snigdha (oily) – also called Utsadana and rooksha (dry) – called Udgharshana

    Snigadh Udvartana Technique
    • Ruksha Udvartana Technique
    • Other steps from 3 to 5 are same as described in Snigadh Udvartana Technique
    Therapeutic Indications
    • In Snigadh Udvartana, oil massage with recommended oil is done beginning from head, face, back, chest, abdomen, arms, thighs, legs and feet.
    • Duration
    • Herbal paste is rubbed from hands to shoulders, lower back to neck, feet to thighs and thighs to buttocks. On buttocks left to right and right to lefts strokes are also performed.
    • Upward strokes with pressure are also used during rubbing the herbal paste.
    • For abdomen, rubbing starts from left to right and then right to left. Herbal paste is also rubbed in clockwise movements making small circles initially then large circles covering the whole abdomen around the umbilicus.

    Udvartana techniques that help to break down cellulite under the skin. The ayurvedic powder massage is done in seven body positions by rubbing and massaging with pressure for a specific period. It reduces cellulite and excess fat accumulation under the subcutaneous tissues of the skin. Powder Massage is done with wet or dry medicated herbal powders by a massage therapist for about 15 to 45 minutes

    Therapeutic Indications
    • Obesity and related complications
    • Diabetes
    • Diabetic neuropathy
    • Lethargy and laziness
    • Excessive sleep
    • Restoring skin health and glow
    • Nervous disorders, Motor neuron diseases, Parkinsonism
    • Neuro-muscular disorders,
    • Muscular weakness, muscular dystrophy
    • To tone up the skin and muscles
    • PCOS
    • To tone up the abdomen after delivery and to remove the marks
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Menstrual disorders in women (irregular periods)

    The number of days of treatment varies from 7-14 days depending on the nature and intensity of the disease Treatment is done for a period of 45-60 minutes per session (Treatment duration will extend beyond this if it is combined with other treatments) including Abhyanga and Swedana